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Hi there,

Welcome to my website. If you're reading this, you probably have some interest in either me, or the things I make. If you're a prospective employer, you should probably stick to the other sections and reach out to me instead of reading my blog. I aim to put posts about my hobbies and interests here, and maybe the occasional professional article. I'm going to post here, rather than on social media, because internet has become an awful place. I prefer getting a single message every other month than some empty likes on Instagram. Also, this way I can control which of my content is put in front and I don't need to try to optimize for a faceless algorithm.

I think it was '99 when I was introduced to the internet. I saw the tail end of BBSs, I was there at the peak of IRCs, and I saw far too many social messaging networks rise and fall. I was a patron of my favorite band's forums and I had online friends that I've never met for years. This might sound cynical but I feel like we've past the local shops and artisans phase of the internet and arrived at the city mall era. These days you can't take 2 steps without running into Google, Amazon or Facebook.

I had a blog like this years ago, filled with teenage angst, semi-secret admissions of love and innocent ramblings. I was a more broken person back then, and writing helped me process my emotions. I had "blog neighbors", where we would pass each other topics to write about. It was a small but intimate community. One of them just recently passed away, and I have nothing but sadness in my heart every time I remember her. She was a big sister for me in times that I was quite vulnerable, and showed me compassion without expecting anything in return. Her passing, as well as another friend starting her blog reminded my how much I enjoyed writing like this. I was already planning on reworking my website, so here we are, with my first post of my new website.

8/21/2021Can Mert Bozkurt